Ryan Estes
Ryan Estes
Husband, father, photographer.

Trying to get your photography business off the ground?

Stuck in a rut and need a fresh set of eyes?

Are there areas of photography in which you want to improve?

Been doing this a while and looking for some perspective?

Or are you new to photography and simply want to get better at it?

I’m happy to announce my Photographer Mentoring sessions, designed to help you take a look at your business and kick it up a notch, whether you’re a new photographer or someone who’s been doing this for years.

With 1-on-1 sessions tailored to your needs, I’ll ask you to think through what areas of your business or photography that you want to work on, and then we’ll examine and tackle them together.  Topics like:

Shooting & composition | Lighting | Post-processing | Marketing | Pricing | Finding your style | Sales
Accounting | Social media & word of mouth | Working with clients | Common pitfalls to avoid

There are no magic bullets, but I can share:

  • How I shoot and light my images
  • My post-processing workflow
  • How I built my business into what it is today — building a successful wedding photography business, then making the transition to portrait photography
  • What I’ve learned over nearly a decade of shooting weddings and portraits
  • Which equipment purchases have been worth it, and which have been a waste of money
  • What has worked, and what I wish I’d have done differently

Each mentoring session is 4 hours long. Cost: $500

Interested? Please contact me below and we'll set something up.


“Asking Ryan to be my mentor was  the best decision I made for my business. As a photographer I am constantly looking for inspirations, ways to perfect my skills and acquire new ones. When I first saw his work, I was immediately amazed by his ability to capture such natural connections between people.  Having the opportunity to get hands-on advice from someone as talented and experienced as Ryan is priceless. Based on his suggestions I was able to give a complete makeover to my website, and we set up realistic goals for my business and worked on marketing strategies. Ryan is extremely generous with his knowledge and told me what has worked for him in the past and what has not. Watching him work allowed me to see different work dynamics with a variety of people. He taught me how important it is to just roll into every shoot and be prepared for the unpredictable and be flexible and have fun while you are working!”

- Anita, a photographer in Pennsylvania

No topics were off the table — he was willing to discuss every aspect of his business. I would enthusiastically recommend Ryan as a mentor for any photographer looking to jump start their career!
— Martin

“I was at a point with my business where I felt I needed a fresh set of eyes to point me in the right direction, confirm current practices, and show me some time saving tricks. Getting together with Ryan Estes made perfect sense based off of his experience, successful history in the industry, and reputation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to streamline their business, and achieve their full potential.”

- Nathan, a Philadelphia-area photographer

“I am a local area photographer who has admired Ryan’s work for years.  In the field of lifestyle family photography, Ryan was at the top of my list as someone I wanted to meet with.  We discussed a broad range of topics about personal growth and business, customized toward my specific interests.  Ryan shared his experiences and lessons learned throughout his career, with skillful insight as to how I can apply improvements to my own practices.  His knowledge was thoughtfully presented, sharing his passion for photography beyond the basic details needed to run a successful business.  Our session was enjoyable and enlightening in so many ways, I am grateful for the valuable information I learned in just a few hours.  I highly recommend Ryan’s mentoring session, whether you are just starting out or seeking fresh perspective for your established business.”

- Jennifer, a photographer in Bucks County

“I am so thankful I took advantage of Ryan’s mentoring sessions! The amount of advice and photography insight I picked up was extremely invaluable. He has truly made photography his passion for many years now and is filled with an abundance of knowledge on everything from technical camera/lens use to website/social media dealings to photo shoot tips and the list goes on and on.  Among other things, Ryan specifically helped me critique my own photography website which helped tremendously. What a pleasure it was to not only work with an amazing photographer but also a genuinely wonderful guy! I would recommend his sessions to not only those trying to better their photography business but also anyone who just wants to take their own personal photography skills and understanding to the next level.  You will certainly take leaps and bounds forward with his guidance!”

-Nikki, a photographer in Pennsylvania

“Anyone who claims there are no shortcuts in life is dead wrong.  Ryan is a great guy, and my mentoring session with him was invaluable.  I probably skipped 2 years of trial and error with what I learned in a few hours.  No topics were off the table — he was willing to discuss every aspect of his business.  I would enthusiastically recommend Ryan as a mentor for any photographer looking to jump start their career!”

- Martin, a Philadelphia-area photographer