turkey (new life into old pictures)

turkey (new life into old pictures)

Every once in a while I'll revisit some old images I have sitting around on my hard drives, just to see if there are any gems — or even just shiny rocks — I may have overlooked. I came across a folder of pictures I shot in Turkey in 2005.  At the time I had just started my career in photography, and was still shooting more as a hobbyist than to feed my family.  I took along a brand spanking new Nikon D70 with kit lens, shot a lot of landscapes, and processed everything with a piece of software called Rawshooter Essentials, which I think is now floating around for free somewhere on the Internet.

Since then technology has improved dramatically, and I thought I'd try my hand at running some of these pictures through Capture One, just to see what life I could coax out of them.  I posted many of these years ago on an old photoblog I ran at the time (no longer up, sadly) but it's been a long time since any have seen the light of day, and for one or two, it may be the first time they've been seen by anyone except myself.  For what it's worth, here are some that I still really like.


This shot was half luck, half mistake.  For some reason I was shooting at f/11 and the shutter speed ended up at 1/3 sec.  I do like the final result, though.


Outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.


The Bosphorus Strait.  Istanbul is an amazing city that straddles the strait, with a foot on two continents.  You could (and we did) have dinner in Europe, then take a $1.50 ferry ride for dessert in Asia.  And have tea on the way.


Inside the Hagia Sophia.


Avanos, Turkey.  Gorgeous, ancient little town.


Shave and a haircut for 2 bucks?  Yes please.  I could get used to this.


Some of my favorite pictures from these trips were shot on film.  I'd love to post them at some point... just have to get my hands on a good film scanner first.  (If anyone ever comes across one of these for cheap, let me know, ok?)