phoenixville farmer's market

On Saturday morning I woke up, rubbed my eyes, and realized I had that rarest of gifts: a Saturday with my family.  Every Saturday morning Kelly loads up the girls in the ol' PT Cruiser (don't judge, now) and heads over to the Phoenixville Famer's Market, reusable shopping bags at the ready, to take advantage of the local/fresh/organic/delicious goods and mingle with the local/friendly/altogether awesome crowd.  Today, I tagged along and felt right at home.  Our stroller was just one of many, pushed by moms and dads with whom we exchanged knowing looks of solidarity and camaraderie.  (Actually we didn't, but we could have if we wanted to.) The Farmer's Market runs from 9am-1pm every Saturday from May through November, and I can't wait to go again in the fall when the weather is cooler.  I grabbed a cup of coffee from the Artisans Gallery & Cafe booth and breakfast from St. Peter's Bakery, and tried to keep up with V, who has been through this routine countless times before.  I should have known that what she really wanted was to play with the other kids at the toy area in the middle.  They have an array of startlingly entertaining wooden food items, which V kept trying to feed me.

When we finally pried her away, it was time to explore.  I was happy to see that there was live music (apparently there almost always is), a wide array of fruits, vegetables, herbs, arts, crafts, candles, popsicles, soaps, wine, bread, pork, buffalo meat, the list goes on and on... all being showcased by people who seemed, without fail, happy to be there and delighted to talk to you.

V is also learning where money comes from (mom), and what you can buy with it (popsicles!  pies!).  She's still working on the concept of getting change back, however.

More lovely colors and things to look at...

Check out their website for a list of all of the vendors on any given week.  We live in a fantastic area for local food, and for that I'm grateful.  Even if you're not someone who loves to buy fresh produce and push around a double stroller, the Farmer's Market is definitely worth visiting.  Walking around I felt like I was on vacation, and I had that unhurried, relaxed feeling you get when life is good.  I'll be coming back again.

Have you ever been to the Farmer's Market?  If the answer is yes, what draws you back week after week?  If not, what do you love doing on weekends?  (We're always looking for amazing local resources!)