I really enjoy photographing families who have fun together.  These four ran, jumped, played, wrestled, flexed, and grinned their way through a fantastic Old City portrait session in Philly.  It never hurts to have a day that’s not too hot, combined with beautiful sunlight in a great part of the city.

old city portraits philadelphia
philadelphia pictures in old city
philadelphia child portraits
kids in philly
old city philadelphia child portraits
kids in old city philly

Of course it never hurts to wrap up a shoot with frozen yogurt!

ice cream in philadelphia

Janine Trindade

Thank you so much Ryan!!
We really enjoyed working with you and LOVE the photos!

Anil Trindade

Who are those adorable children? They should be models!

Jacqueline Sullivan Crumley

Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

Stefanie Walker

Great photos of you all! :-)

The second try’s the charm!  When I first met the Igne family for portraits, we started shooting and within minutes, a huge downpour started.  Normally with a little rain during a shoot, we’ll have fun and make the most of it.  Not so this time… by the time the rain stopped, every one of us was absolutely soaked, and it was clearly time to reschedule.

We did manage to get a few pictures in before the rain began…

green lane family portraits

A few weeks later we tried again, and this time things went according to plan.  We met up at one of my favorite spots, Hopewell Furnace, an 18th-century iron forge.  The boys loved exploring the area.

chester county family photography
chester county family portraits
portraits at hopewell furnace
looking through the fence
chester county child photography
family pictures at hopewell furnace
chester county family photography
chester county family photography
chester county family photography

So this family totally killed it at their session a few weeks ago.  I realized I’ve been behind on posting sessions and needed to get this one up fast before heading out the door to a shoot yet again, so I’m not going to say too much at this point other than that these six are living with gusto!  Way to go!


elverson family portraits

elverson family portraits

There’s a great little place near where I live called St. Peter’s Village.  I used to go there as a kid with my dad all the time, and we’d climb around on the rocks.  In high school it’s where we hung out sometimes after school.  I take my daughters there.  And it’s a fun place for pictures, too.

Turner is graduating this year, and it seemed like a good place for these pictures too.  We also chose it because it was an exceptionally windy day, and since it sits in a bit of a valley, it offers some protection from the wind, too.

If Turner looks familiar, it’s probably because a) he’s family, and b) his three older brothers have all made appearances here in the past.  Congrats, cousin!


Let’s take a moment to talk about these two, shall we?  An artistic pair if there ever was one… Michael is a designer, until recently Lindsay ran a fabric store, and they’ve both spent a good deal of time in photography.  It’s time for the next adventure, and as I compose this post, I’m sure you can come up with your own “life is the greatest canvas of all” or “children: the art project that keeps on giving” quip to insert here.  (There, I was able to be corny with a wink and a nod, which makes it not corny, right?)  :)

Bottom line: these two are going to be fantastic parents.  You’ll be seeing pictures of their baby when said baby arrives (note the tactful non-gender-specific language just in case they’re keeping it a secret) but for now, I’d like to share a few from their recent maternity session.  We had gorgeous light, and I’ve never shot anyone who smiles quite as easily as Lindsay does, and the two of them clearly just enjoy being with each other…


Claudia Kraftson Brice

What precious thoughts and moments are captured here.

Kate Hill

Wonderful people, wonderful photography!

Manale Jackson

Beautiful pictures. Such wonderful memories you have made. So happy for you both!

Janet VanDame

Ab-so-lutely darling times (almost) THREE <3 So excited for you two…and we’ll be ‘tuning in’ for the Continuing Adventures of Lindsey & Michael <3 Our Lv,Hgs and Prayers for the precious times ahead <3 B&J

I can’t believe this guy is graduating.

Seriously.  I remember coming home from my high school senior dinner dance (oh the days) to hear the news that my little brother had been born.  (Seriously: I called home to ask if I could stay out a little later, and my aunt who answered the phone was like, “Don’t you want to know how your new brother is?!”

Fast-forward eighteen years and I feel like my head’s on a little straighter.  And that new brother, Dawson, is about a month away from finishing high school.  Wow!

I thought about pulling a bunch of old photos and embarrassing him with a tour through the years, but for now I’ll stick with these.

Congratulations, bud.  I’m so glad you’re in our family.

phoenixville senior portraits
phoenixville senior portraits
phoenixville senior portraits
phoenixville senior portraits
phoenixville senior portraits

Sarah Watkins McCall

Wow, these are great and that baby boy grew up super fast into quite the looker, didn’t he? I can’t believe he’s graduating already either, but I’m sure he feels ready! He looks like an Estes for sure! I’m sure he’s some girl’s heart throb!!

Sonia Little Barber

Great photographer!! Handsome man!

Carol Barber Fortner

I didn’t know about him, Sonia. Wow, is he already modeling? The photographer is Steve’s son, isn’t he? Quite the photographer!