Montgomery County, PA Family Pictures

As the weather warms and the promise of green begins to show on the trees, most of us can hardly wait for what's coming next. Warm spring days, meals outside on the back patio, things growing in the garden... it's also a great time for family pictures! Here are a few Montgomery County, PA family pictures I shot last May.

We started off wandering around Phoenixville, then decided to head to the site where they're building their new home. The ground hadn't been broken yet, so we took advantage of the setting sun and natural surroundings.

Love the expressions on this little guy!

Main Line Newborn Portraits | Baby "C"

I've worked with Meghan and Patrick for a few years now... from maternity pictures to welcoming their oldest daughter in 2013 (check out those Main Line newborn portraits here), and all the way through their first year as parents. Now that they're old pros at this parenting thing, adding another little guy to the mix is no sweat, right?

Here he is, just a few days old. I love this first picture, because... well, no words are even needed. Becoming a parent means that no, you can't go out on the weekend whenever you want like you used to be able to. It means that Saturday mornings often look like this, instead of sleeping in. It means toys in the living room, and the Little Mermaid on the TV. And with all that, comes all sorts of joy.

West Chester Baby Pictures | Benno

Get together with people to take pictures often enough, and eventually they become more than clients, they become friends. I met Justin & Chrissy back in 2008 (right? or was it 2007?) to take their engagement pictures. And their wedding pictures. We lived in the same town, so we stayed in touch, went out for meals in some of Pottstown's finest establishments.

I was sad to see them move to Rhode Island, but the siren call of the sea is hard to resist. But a few years later as their family grew, I watched on Instagram as they spent the first days with their son. A few weeks ago, they made a trip back down to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends. Happily, they also made time for a newborn session while they were here.

Congratulations, Chrissy and Justin. It was a pleasure meeting Benno, and seeing you again. Hope you enjoy these.

Main Line Newborn Photography | Baby "H"

This guy.

Main line newborn photography - Henry

I photographed his older brother's newborn portraits a couple of years ago right around this time of year, and it's amazing to see how these tiny little guys grow over the course of 24 months.

Henry arrived and once again a family has grown, and mom & dad have once again traded sleep for the privilege of changing diapers. Any parent will tell you, that trade is worth it.

Here are some favorites from this Main Line newborn photography session.

Autumn Family Pictures in Philly

I love a good snowstorm as much as -- no, more than -- the next guy. But it does seem rather cruel to be on the receiving end of thee to five inches of snow on this, the first day of spring. Google, your Doodle today mocks me!

So it seemed appropriate to post a few autumn family pictures in Philly, which I shot a few months ago. We met up in the morning. Shooting portraits generally works best in the first hour or so after the sun comes up, or right at the tail end of the day before it sets. It's easier to do morning shoots in the autumn since the sun rises a lot later than it does on, say, June 21. So as we walked around the area by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, dodging tourists running up the steps and doing the Rocky pose, we did get some pretty incredible early morning sunlight.

Here are just a few favorites.