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One of the things I love most about portraiture is that it often allows me the chance to work with the same clients again and again.  Building a relationship with a family means that when it comes time for a session, we already have history, and everyone is just a bit more relaxed and able to enjoy themselves.  This is especially helpful when kids come into the picture!  For many of my families, when I show up for a session, the kids already know who I am, that I can be fun and silly, and they start smiling right out of the gate.

Many times this starts with a wedding.  I photographed Greg & Karla’s wedding back in 2009, and was thrilled to hear from them when they were expecting their first child.  It’s a lot of fun to watch families walk through life and come to these milestones.

Virtually all of my newborn shoots are done in my clients’ homes.  I feel like it’s one more way I can document this particular time in their lives, in this space, and one day Gabriella will be able to look through these pictures and say, “Look!  That’s where I lived when I was born!”  I love seeing pictures of my parents’ home as it was when I was a kid, and to this day nothing says “home” like bright orange countertops.  Greg & Karla don’t have bright orange countertops (sadly for them, I know, I know), but this beautiful home in Philadelphia will be the setting for Gabriella’s first memories, so it’s fitting that this shoot happened there.

For me, newborn photography is all about relationships.  I’ve seen beautiful pictures of babies in flower pots and candy bowls, and I know you have too, but I’d much rather tell the story of how much mom and dad love their baby.  It’s clear that Greg and Karla are going to be fantastic parents.

Karla sitting in chair with her daughter
philadelphia newborn baby in crib
dad holding baby in this philadelphia newborn portrait
mom and dad hold their daughter in their hands
infant in purple cheesecloth in crib
greg and karla and their daughter
love between parents and child
newborn baby in purple cheesecloth

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Heather Leiphart

Beautiful as always!

Bernadette DiDonato Ciavardini

These pictures are beautiful and so precious. The feeling and emotion comes through!

Lisa Florio

You truly capture the moment!

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